I started building a John Welsford Pathfinder in July 2008. The boat was completed in Oct, 2010.

This blog now records our use of the boat, but documentation of building the boat can be found in the archives.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Day of Summer

We have not been sailing in quite awhile, but here we are on the last day of summer before school starts.  Turned out to be an excellent day, with enough wind to go wherever we wanted, and enough cloud cover to provide some shade every now and then.

I lost my anchor (an anchor we had previously found on the exposed shore of one of our dried up lakes).  As I lowered it, I knew it wasn't tied off to anything so as I got close to the end of the line, I gave it a few wraps around the mast with what I thought was enough of a hitch to hold while I lowered the jib which was beginning to flap enough to be distracting.  As the jib came down, I saw the end of our anchor line descending into the water very casually.  A little disappointing--next time I think I'll secure the end well before lowering away.  

Here are a few shots Miki took. 

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