I started building a John Welsford Pathfinder in July 2008. The boat was completed in Oct, 2010.

This blog now records our use of the boat, but documentation of building the boat can be found in the archives.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boat Launched

The boat was launched Oct 17th.  We scheduled the date about a month ago.  Amazingly the weather was absolutely perfect for a first sail, light winds with occasional extended periods of about 10knts.

Chuck Leinweber of Duckworks met me for the launch.  Chuck is a super nice guy, very laid back, unassuming and casual.   He invited a couple of other boat builders who were also extremely friendly and relaxed.

The boat performed excellently.  Exactly what I wanted.  Super stable, easy to handle, lots of room.  The boat accelerates to its max speed with not all that much wind.  Didn't have any problems tacking, jibing, working upwind, etc. 

We weren't in any real wind or waves today, but I got a feel for how the boat will handle, and I have no complaint.


Barry Armer said...

The finished boat looks amazing Jon! If I could build anything with this kind of craftsmanship I'd be very please with myself! :-)


Jon said...

Thanks Barry. I'm really happy with how the boat turned out. I don't even have the urge to build something else, I just want to go sailing now.


Steve said...

Congratulations Jon. Beautiful boat.


Jon said...

Thanks Steve, glad to have had your blog and others to keep up the motivation during building.