I started building a John Welsford Pathfinder in July 2008. The boat was completed in Oct, 2010.

This blog now records our use of the boat, but documentation of building the boat can be found in the archives.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

it is hard to remember now, but I think that in my test, filling an oversized hole with thickened epoxy and graphite and then drilling out the correct size for the pivot pin just wasted away my forstner bit in seconds (seems to indicate the bearing will be hard).....so, I think what I did in the end was to drill out an oversized hole in the board, then place a section of pipe (same pipe used for the pin) covered in wax paper in the center of the hole and filled around the edges with the epoxy graphite mixture. It was tricky getting the pipe exactly centered and straight and getting the epoxy to fill in all of the space, but the result seemed to be a good, smooth and hard bearing surface.

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